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Do You or Your Family have Health Problems That Concern You?

Living is tough on your spine as most people know with slips falls, stress, work duties and poor posture. Not to mention all the bad stuff that happened to you growing up.
I remember the first time my dad took off the training wheels on my bike, ouch!  It took a lot of popsicles and hugs from my mom before I mastered the bicycle. If you think about all the traumas we experienced growing up its clear your spine has taken years and years    of abuse.
The worry is, just like your teeth if you don’t take care of them they rot and unfortunately your spine rots too. So we all go to bed with healthy clean teeth but with crooked misaligned and rotting spines.

The big concern is as your spine gets more and more crooked or misaligned it interferes with all the electrical signals your brain is sending down your spine slowly making you and your children Sick.

Just like your arteries get clogged and narrowed as they get diseased, your spine and nerves develop the same clogging and backing up of all those important messages, making you sicker and more diseased with every passing year.  Left uncorrected these misalignments become very serious often shortening your life span by years.

The best way to check for misalignments in your spine is to have your spine examined by Dr Joe. At my office our first job is to identify exactly where and how many misalignments you may have.  Then determine what nerves or wires are being damaged as well as what organs of the body may be developing sickness, disease or illness from a poor nerve supply.
I'm Dr Joe Borio and I strongly encourage you and your family to make an appointment today and have your spine checked.   Let’s see just how badly your spine is misaligned and begin the Necessary care your spine desperately needs throughout your lifetime. 

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